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Civil and Coastal Engineering Department
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PO Box 116580
Gainesville, FL, 32611
352-392-9537 ext. 1479

Ph.D., M.S., State University of New York (1992, 1988)
B.S., Universidad Autonoma de Baja California, Mexico (1985)

Physical Oceanography
Observations and numerical modeling of estuarine and coastal hydrodynamic processes; estuary-ocean exchange; competition between buoyancy and mixing.

Dr. Valle-Levinson came to University of Florida in August 2005. Throughout his career, he has carried out observational and theoretical studies on exchange processes in semienclosed basins. His work has concentrated in the hydrodynamics of fjords, as well as of temperate, subtropical, and tropical systems. He conducted the first studies that used high resolution acoustic Doppler current profiler measurements in the lower Chesapeake Bay, in Chilean and Argentinean waters, in Central American coastal waters, and in Mexican coastal lagoons.

Research Interests.

Dr. Valle-Levinson is interested in studying the effects of bathymetry on volume exchange at the mouth of semienclosed basins, with emphasis on estuaries, fjords and coastal lagoons. He studies bathymetric effects on wind-induced, density-induced and tidally induced exchange processes between semi-enclosed basins and the adjacent coastal ocean. Recently, he is focusing efforts to understand processes that favor ocean water intrusion into freshwater aquifers. Dr. Valle-Levinson has also investigated the potential impact of those exchange processes on nutrient fluxes, harmful algae and ichthyoplankton transport. He has carried out research on the role of transverse circulation and vertical mixing in estuarine transport processes. Moreover, he has characterized the shape of density-driven exchange flows in terms of the dynamic width and depth of the basins involved.

Curriculum Vitae

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CORRECTION to the paper above.

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