Air Resources

Air Resources

Air pollution kills millions globally every year and also alters the earth’s temperature.


The Air Resources group studies how air pollutants are created, designs measurement techniques, devises control technologies, models the fate of the pollutants, evaluates health effects, and characterizes composition of past, present, and future atmospheres.

Our research quantifies impacts from air pollution, advances understanding of pollutant transformation in the air, and develops techniques to prevent pollution or exposure. This work can have immediate impacts by reducing exposure now, and can improve the scientific basis of future decisions on air quality and sustainability. We engage students in cutting-edge research and prepare them to transform the air of the future.



Education for Leadership Roles

  • Setting air quality policy and strategy
  • Characterizing and monitoring air pollutants
  • Developing air pollution control technology
  • Understanding and modeling atmospheric chemistry and physics
  • Assessing impact of air pollutants on human health and the environment

Research Focus Areas

  • Monitoring of air pollutants: indoor, ambient, industrial, and occupational
  • Monitoring methodology and instrumentation development
  • Formation and fate of air pollutants
  • Air quality modeling
  • Air pollution control: system, process and materials
  • Sustainability of air quality
  • Health effects and environmental impact of air pollutant

Research Outcomes

  • Advanced technology for air sampling and real-time analysis of air pollutants
  • Cutting-edge emission control technologies
  • Holistic understanding of atmospheric air pollution formation mechanisms
  • Innovative device and technology for assessing exposure to air pollutants
  • Sophisticated predictive models for atmospheric fate of air pollutants

Research Benefits

  • More accurate prediction of air quality
  • Reduction in air pollutant emissions
  • Improved human health and environmental quality
  • Environmental friendly sampling and analytical technologies


Photo of Jaime Benitez Jaime Benitez Adjunct Lecturer
Photo of Myoseon Jang Myoseon Jang Associate Professor

410 Black Hall

Photo of Sungyoon Jung Sungyoon Jung Assistant Professor

575L Weil Hall

Photo of David Mazyck David Mazyck Professor Emeritus

312 Black Hall

Photo of William (Bill) Properzio William (Bill) Properzio Associate Professor

Environmental Health and Safety, Building 179

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  • Atmospheric Photochemical Outdoor Reactor (APHOR) dual chambers
  • Advanced gas and aerosol characterization
  • Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer, UVAerodynamic Particle Sizer, Vibrating Orifice Aerosol Generator, UW-Cascade Impactor
  • Ion Chromatograph, Zeeman Modulated CVAA Hg Analyzer
  • Microbalance
  • Automobile combustion smog analysis
  • BioAerosol Testing System (BATS)
  • in vitro cell exposure flow chamber system

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