Materials & Pavements

Materials & Pavements

Research, education, and service activities in the field of pavements and related materials.


The Materials and Pavement group is devoted to promoting sustainable practices in pavement engineering, enhance understanding of distress mechanisms and failure modes, develop testing and conditioning procedures to improve material characterization, and develop design approaches for pavement systems that optimize performance.


Education for Leadership Roles

  • Innovative foundation systems and lifelines
  • Safer embankments and retention systems
  • More effective pavement systems
  • Enhanced performance construction materials

Research Focus Areas

  • Nano-modification and polymer modification of materials
  • Advanced sensing technologies
  • Advanced experimental methods
  • Geotechnical centrifuge
  • Electron microscopy
  • Interferometry
  • Computer tomography
  • Dynamic methods
  • Multi-scale computer modeling

Research Outcomes

  • Faster and more accurate condition assessment
  • Enhanced performance and durability
  • More effective specifications for materials and construction
  • Real-time assessment techniques
  • Guidelines for recycling waste materials
  • Safer containment systems for waste

Research Benefits

  • Reduced risk in engineering decisions
  • Less pollution through recycling
  • Reduced traffic disruption and highway user costs
  • Lower maintenance and rehabilitation costs
  • Sustainable and more reliable constructed infrastructure


Photo of Christopher Ferraro Christopher Ferraro Assistant Professor
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460B Weil Hall

Photo of Dennis Hiltunen Dennis Hiltunen Professor

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Photo of Steven Laux Steven Laux Senior Lecturer

102 Sustainable Materials Management Research Laboratory

Photo of George Lopp George Lopp Associate In

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Photo of Fazil Najafi Fazil Najafi Professor
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Photo of Taylor Rawlinson Taylor Rawlinson Research Assistant Scientist
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Photo of Kyle Riding Kyle Riding Associate Professor
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Photo of Reynaldo Roque Reynaldo Roque Professor
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Photo of Mang Tia Mang Tia Professor

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Photo of Jian Zou Jian Zou Research Assistant Scientist
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  • Geotechnical centrifuges
  • Mobile field sensing equipment
  • 20-ton in situ truck
  • Geophysics and NOT
  • Advanced materials characterization
  • Variable Pressure SEM
  • Laser interferometry
  • Deep foundation test chamber
  • Full-scale pipe testing facility
  • Extensive geotechnical, concrete and asphalt laboratories
  • 16 node Silicon Graphics Inc. parallel processor supercomputer

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