The Department of Civil & Coastal Engineering is a recognized leader in innovative educational programs and is widely considered to be among the top programs in the United States.

Undergraduate Student Info

As a department with a strong emphasis on social consciousness, we continue to graduate men and women who make outstanding contributions to the public through business, industry, education, and government.

Graduate Student Info

We offer graduate study and research opportunities in multiple areas. Research may involve theoretical developments, physical testing, and computer modeling. The department’s entire research program is directed toward engineering for the public benefit.

Specialization Curriculum/Requirements

Graduate Certificates

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection Certificate Program
    • The Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering proposes a Critical Infrastructure Protection Certificate program for graduate students in which participants can select three courses from the list shown below.
      • *CES 6588 – Protective Structures
      • CES 6590 – Impact Engineering
      • CES 6591 – Applied Protective Structures
      • CES 6592 – Retrofit for Protective Structures
      • CES 6593 – Advanced Protective StructuresThe course marked with “*” must be completed as part of the certificate program. The requirements for program participation are:
        1. Completed application
        2. Have a B.S. degree in civil engineering with a specialization in structures
        3. Must be a graduate degree seeking student
        4. Completion of CES 6108 – Structural Dynamics
        5. Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.2 in the graduate program
        6. Certificate will be awarded upon the completion of the graduate degree
  • Transportation Operations and Planning
    • The Transportation Operations and Planning (TOP) Certificate Program has been established for transportation professionals with interests in transportation systems management, operations, and transportation planning. This is a 9-credit program, taught by faculty in the Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering who are affiliated with the UF Transportation Institute. View more information on the Wetland Science Certificate.