The Story Behind the Name of A.P. Black Hall

Dr. Alvin Percy Black served as a professor at the University of Florida for 47 years and retired on June 30, 1966 as Research Professor Emeritus of Chemistry and Bioenvironmental Engineering (the latter is a predecessor of the current Department of Environmental Engineering Sciences).
During his career, he was the major professor for over 50 master’s and doctoral graduates and the chairman of multiple major university committees.

In 1967, the Board of Regents honored Dr. Black by naming the 38,000 square foot building after him. Since then, Black Hall was designed to house the Department of Environmental Engineering Sciences.

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Civil & Coastal Engineering Department History

Our Civil and Coastal Engineering Department is rich in history. During the early 1900s, several educational institutions were consolidated and moved to Gainesville, FL, establishing what is now the University of Florida. After the second University President, Dr. Albert Murphree, took office in 1909, he proposed establishing several colleges and by 1910, eight colleges with divisions were formed. The College of Engineering was established, although there was no engineering building. Civil Engineering was one of only three engineering programs available at the university at this time. By 1911, the engineering building was completed (later named Benton Hall after its first Dean, Dr. John Benton).

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The Environmental Engineering Sciences program can be traced back to 1948 when Drs. Alvin Percy Black, a leader in the field of water chemistry and water treatment and Earle B. Phelps, a leader in the field of public health engineering and stream sanitation, were prominent members of the Civil Engineering faculty. In 1966, their group of faculty broke off from Civil Engineering to establish a new graduate program in Bioenvironmental Engineering Sciences, which soon after became the current Department of Environmental Engineering Sciences

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Honoring William Wetmore Gibbs, a Graduate of Our First Class

It is with great pride that we remember William Wetmore Gibbs (W.W. “Gric”. Gibbs). He was born in Melbourne, Florida on January 12, 1889.Gibbs birthplace He entered the University of Florida (UF) in 1905 and graduated in 1909, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. While attending UF, Gibbs proved to be an excellent student and leader. He was the captain of the Florida eleven football team and was called a “holy terror” on defense by his opponents.

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