Photo of Jaime Benitez

Jaime Benitez

Adjunct Lecturer Department of Environmental Engineering Sciences


Born and raised in Puerto Rico. Attended the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) where he got a B. S. in Chemical Engineering and an M. S. in Nuclear Engineering. He got a Ph. D. in Chemical and Environmental Engineering from RPI in Troy, NY. Taught courses in Chemical and Environmental Engineering at UPR for about forty years. Retired from UPR and has been Adjunct Lecturer at UFL for the last three years. Has published two textbooks (Prentice-Hall and Wiley).

Primary Research Area

Heat and mass transfer

Other Research Areas

Air Resources, Engineering Education

Research Interests

Numerical Models; Heat and Mass Transfer


B. S. Chemical Engineering, 1970, University of P. R.
M. S. Nuclear Engineering, 1972, University of P. R.
Ph. D. Chem. and Env. Engineering, 1976, RPI