New Infrastructure Planning and Management

New Infrastructure Planning and Management


New Infrastructure Planning, formerly Public Works, research focus areas include oil spill, radon mitigation, renewable energy, work zone safety, bridge management, in-situ pipe repair, high-speed rail, utility relocation, flowable fill, pavement marking, storm water infrastructure, fiber optics placement along the right-of-way, construction engineering & management, and highway construction, maintenance, quality control, and quality assurance.

The faculty’s research is recognized for its prominence and for its impact in understanding new house evaluation and Radon mitigation, effective oil spill response capabilities, truck damage factor determination, durability of in-situ pipe repair, guidelines for storm water infrastructure, durability of pavement marking, preventive maintenance strategy, use of flowable fill in pavement sections, and user cost data for bridge management.



Education for Leadership Roles

  • Sustainable infrastructure management
  • Innovative solid waste management
  • Timely and effective disaster management
  • Innovative information delivery
  • State-of-the-art education for public works leaders
  • Innovative public versus private services
  • Creative public works finance
  • Sustainable growth management
  • Air and water quality control

Research Focus Areas

  • New house evaluation and radon mitigation
  • Effective oil spill response capabilities
  • Truck damage factor determination
  • Durability of in-situ pipe repair
  • Guidelines for storm water infrastructure
  • Durability of pavement marking
  • Preventive maintenance strategy
  • Use of flowable fill in pavement sections
  • User cost data for bridge management
  • Renewable energy

Research Outcomes

  • Sustainable public safety
  • Cost savings for both public and private sectors
  • Enhanced disaster response capabilities
  • Sustainable infrastructure management

Research Benefits

  • Cost-effective infrastructure maintenance
  • Public safety
  • Effective data management
  • Infrastructure durability

Graduate Study Program

Master of Engineering (ME) or Master of Science (MS) Degree



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