The department is a leader in interdisciplinary programs aimed at solving environmental problems and as a major on campus crucible for identification, conceptualization and resolution of environmental issues. Graduates demonstrate depth in individual focus areas as well as breadth of core knowledge concepts in all areas.

Undergraduate Student Info

Well-educated graduates capable of handling the diverse problems of pollution and human’s impact on the environment are in continuing demand. Safe drinking water, clean air, efficient wastewater systems, adequate refuse disposal, control of hazardous wastes (chemical, biological and radiological) and sound management of our fragile ecosystems are constant expectations. All of these issues must be addressed on a daily basis to ensure a healthy environment.

Graduate Student Info

Graduate programs at the University of Florida represent independent mastery of a field of knowledge. Our program and faculty are diverse with opportunities for classes and research in both the sciences and engineering.

Specialization Curriculum/Requirements

Graduate Certificates

  • Sustainable Engineering