Marketing & Communications

Marketing & Communications

The marketing department at the Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure & Environment works hard to maintain a consistent brand throughout all of our materials. Please consult the following information for details on templates and project requests.

For questions or comments, please send us an email.



The ESSIE marketing department welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with you. In some cases, this may mean working closely together on a project. It may also mean providing you with the resources to work independently – so that your efforts are consistent with the look, feel and functionality of other communications efforts around the university.

Our strategies for managing high-priority initiatives and campaigns are identified by the chair, senior leadership in ESSIE and the college. Please note, the weeks leading up to the career fair in the fall and spring, and the end of the fall semester are consistently very busy times for departmental marketing. Plan ahead! Your request for assistance with a project will be evaluated based on your timeline and our availability. In order for us to best accommodate your needs, please fill out a Media Request Form well in advance of your project’s targeted deadline. The normal timeline for projects is two to three weeks. During the busy season, the timeline is three to four weeks.

If you need promotional materials ordered, the marketing department will need to know six weeks before your deadline.

NOTE: The school does not keep any printed flyers on hand at any time. Our flyers are in color, and you will need access to a color printer.


We want to ensure that ESSIE’s website has the most accurate, up-to-date information. It advised to upload evergreen content (i.e. content that can be reused without having to make changes) to the website.

If you have content that needs to be updated, please include the link(s) to the pages that need to be updated, and attach files that are named correctly. Those names will be displayed on the website as is, unless otherwise stated. Please allow two weeks for changes to be made. If you have extensive requests, please allow four weeks for changes.

Faculty Website Request

Marketing and communications do not manage and/or integrate web content for faculty sites. The only changes that can be made are on the School’s website. If you need a new website, fill out the Faculty Website Request form.

You are responsible for managing your​ content, but we have many resources available to help you on this platform. You will be the “Primary contact person” in the form, so you can maintain and edit the site as you see fit. You will also be able to grant and revoke editing access to your site. ​ ​​It is suggested for faculty members to employ a student to make adjustments and edits to your site.

After you submit the request, you will receive an email stating that your website has been created. Once your website is created, you can view tutorials, website examples, and best practices. After your website is completed, email ESSIE marketing, so your site can be added to your directory listing.


Click on the following links to download templates.


Photo Release Form


If you do not have access to UF’s brand fonts Quadon and Gentona, please use the “Standard Fonts” file.

Powerpoint Slides

If you do not have access to UF’s brand fonts Quadon and Gentona, please use the “Standard Fonts” files.




For an in-depth description on college/department branding, you can view the college’s branding guide.

School and Department Name

  • When representing or mentioning the school, please use Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure & Environment (ESSIE), with ESSIE used in subsequent references. When referring to the Department of Civil & Coastal Engineering or the Department of Environmental Engineering Sciences. The ampersands are an important aspect of the school’s and department’s styles, as well as the correct representation of the name.

College Name

  • When referring to the college, the only appropriate wording is the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering. Subsequent references may be the college. View the college’s branding and style guide.
    • DO NOT USE:
      • College of Engineering
      • Wertheim College
      • Wertheim College of Engineering
      • HWCOE


  • ESSIE has an official logo for the school, you can download the EPS and PNG files.  Any other representation is incorrect. This logo is to be used on all print materials (including signs, posters, flyers, postcards, etc.) representing the school and individual departments.
  • Please refer to the University’s guidelines for secondary logo usage.
  • If you have any questions on proper logo usage, please contact us.

UF Logos

  • Usage guidelines and downloads for the University of Florida logo and monogram.

Color Standards