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Dr. David Prevatt profiled for
NIHERST award for Excellence in Science and Technology

The National Institute of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (NIHERST) of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago was honored Dr. David Prevatt for his contributions to the Civil Engineering field as a 2012 Awardee for Excellence in Science and Technology. On March 19th, 2014, a publication of biographical profiles of the 17 Trinidad and Tobago scientists honored was formally launched.

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details November 05, 2014: Water, Wetlands & Watersheds Seminar: Discovery, mapping and characterization of seagrass beds...
details November 06, 2014: Developing a Teaching / Research Statement (CRC Workshop)
details November 12, 2014: Water, Wetlands & Watersheds Seminar: Hydrologic feedbacks and the evolution of ridge-slough pattern in the Everglades
details November 13, 2014: 4th Annual WTS Transportation Symposium
details November 17, 2014 - November 21, 2014: International Education Week. "Learning Without Borders: Internationalizing the Gator Nation."






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