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Coastal & Oceanographic Engineering

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Coastal & Oceanographic Engineering Research

The Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering program is composed of faculty with a wide range of research interests in coastal physical processes. Faculty teach a variety of graduate courses while implementing state-of-the-art pedagogic methods. Courses include Wave Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Physical Oceanography, Data Analysis and Numerical Models, among others. The Faculty's research is recognized internationally for its prominence and for its impact in understanding physical processes associated with sediment transport in beaches, estuaries and lakes; wave transformations over sandy and muddy bottoms; bridge scouring; inlet morphodynamics and wave-current interactions; estuarine and coastal physics; storm surge and inundation; and salt intrusion into estuaries and groundwater aquifers. The Faculty's research is funded by Federal and State agencies, as well as by industrial sponsors. Research trains students to become professionals in academic institutions, government agencies, non-government organizations, or industry consulting.

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details August 21, 2017: University of Florida scientists discover the cause of the Atlantic coastline's sea level rise hot spots
details March 30, 2017: Watershed Ecology Lab featured on National Geographic
details UF Student COPRI Chapter visits Tampa Port Authority
details Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering PhD student Jackie Branyon wins 3rd place at the COPRI/PIANC PORTS'13 conference
details Arnoldo Valle Levinson selected as member of Mexican Academy of Sciences


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details January 30, 2018: ESSIE Evening with the Industry in the Evans Champions Club