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Jeremy Waisome » Engineering Education


The Engineering Education Collaborative is a group of faculty who conduct research around all aspects of engineering formation. Research ranges from fundamental studies on the engineering education ecosystem to implementation of new approaches for the education of environmental and civil engineering students.



Education for Leadership Roles

  • Preparation to be faculty members, education specialists, policymakers
  • Understanding of the engineering education ecosystem
  • Experience with various teaching and learning environments

Research Focus Areas

  • Student-centered learning and design based apprenticeship
  • Problem solving and critical thinking
  • Diversity and cultures of inclusion
  • Role of informal learning environments
  • Universal design for STEM students with (learning) disabilities
  • Workforce development

Research Outcomes

  • Improved teaching techniques that lead to conceptual understanding
  • Approaches to teach basic science in an engineering context
  • Models of realistic problem-solving
  • Guidance for improving undergraduate research experiences

Research Benefits

  • Improved conceptual understanding and long-term retention of content
  • Students who are prepared for professional practice
  • Improved climates for a diverse engineering workforce


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Jeremy Waisome

Assistant Professor
Office 202C Nuclear Sciences Building Website: Faculty Website Website: Google Scholar page Website: Personal Website Website: Twitter Website: LinkedIn


Dr. Waisome is a Lecturer in the Department of Engineering Education where she conducts research on broadening participation in science, technology, engineering, mathematics. She is interested in understanding how mentoring impacts student trajectories and self-efficacy. In her teaching, she utilizes the learner-centered approach to instruction. She is passionate about science-communication and participates in several activities to bridge the gap between the public and higher education research.

Dr. Jeremy Waisome is the cohost of Unstoppable Minds Podcast, which looks at the challenges and triumphs that come with a life in academia and research. Listen in and learn more at

Primary Research Area

Engineering Education Collaborative

Other Research Area

Materials & Pavements

Research Interests

Engineering Education, Mentoring, Self-Efficacy, Broadening Participation in STEM


Bachelor’s – Civil Engineering, 2010, University of Florida
Master’s – Civil Engineering, 2012, University of Florida
Ph.D. – Civil Engineering, 2017, University of Florida

Awards & Distinctions

2017 Edward Alexander Bouchet Graduate Honor Society Inductee 2017-18 National Society of Black Engineers’ Mike Shinn Distinguished Member of the Year (Female) Award

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