Finding Camelot: Bruce J. Rogow

In high school, Bruce J. Rogow (B.S., Civil Engineering ‘67) received student leadership recognition at a luncheon at the Everglades Club in Palm Beach. Rogow had the opportunity to sit next to keynote speaker, General Douglas MacArthur, and accept advice that he’d live by throughout his collegiate and professional career.

“Find and go to Camelot. Be a part of Camelot. Camelots are where the world will pivot or change,” Rogow recalled. “That is what I learned in my career.”

Rogow describes Camelot as getting involved in any role in a project, person or idea that will blossom into something groundbreaking and important in society. He learned what that really entailed in a vast array of extracurricular activities at UF.

From starting as an IBM systems engineer, to becoming a Principal at a ground breaking Harvard Business School spinoff consultancy, to being EVP and Head of Research at Gartner, Rogow continued to embark on finding his next Camelot.

“I had to learn quickly to survive, compete with very talented, well-educated people and develop a level of confidence,” Rogow said. “I went from learning to leading and communicating with confidence.”

Bruce J. Rogow and his wife, Winnie.
Bruce J. Rogow and his wife, Winnie.

Furthermore, Bruce J. Rogow and his wife, Winnie, are known for their philanthropic donations to the Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure & Environment (ESSIE).

“We planned to donate in our wills. One day my wife said, ‘why don’t we start while we’re still here to see what impact it may have,’” Rogow said.

He explains that the donations are a display of appreciation for the progress and success for faculty and students. As a result, ESSIE students have been employed to serve as classroom and laboratory assistants to College faculty members through the Bruce J. and Winnie Rogow Undergraduate Scholars Fund. Their contributions focus on building communication and leadership skills in today’s students, which Bruce found so crucial to his career.

Among advising students to get involved in extracurricular activities and to take courses outside of their comfort zone, Rogow wants students take the advice he learned years ago.

“Learn to find or create your own Camelot.”

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Reba Liddy
Marketing & Communications Specialist
Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering