FAQ Category: EVE Undergraduate Student

What do I do if the course I want is full?

You will first one to make sure its full, sometimes courses are departmentally controlled to limit who can register and those will not show in ONE.UF as available.  If the course is indeed full, you will need to keep checking… Read More

When should I add internship or co-op credits?

You should add these credits when registering for the semester you will be out on your internship.  Enrollment must be pre-approved by your Academic Advisor. Late or retroactive requests are not accepted.

How do I add internship or co-op credits?

These credits are controlled by the department, to add them you must submit the ENV4949 EVE Internship/Co-op Request Form after you have removed all holds preventing registration.

Can I take a class at another college (Transient Student)?

Yes, you can, but only if you are not taking courses concurrently at UF. Summers are when students can take courses at another institution (Fall and Spring by College petition only). You should communicate with your Academic Advisor before applying. You… Read More

How do I add a minor?

First, complete the “Adding a Minor” form located in the files section of your EVE Advising course and have it signed by your academic advisor. Do this when you have acquired 45-100 credits toward your degree. Then, you will take… Read More