UF Concrete Canoe and Eckhoff Steel Bridge Project Managers Spotlight

The University of Florida’s American Society of Civil Engineers student chapter achieved back-to-back first place finishes in the regionals for Concrete Canoe, Steel Bridge, and overall competitions, marking the second time in almost a decade they have achieved this, echoing their similar success in 2014 and 2015.

Concrete Canoe

The UF’s ASCE Concrete Canoe (UFCC) team left an indelible mark by placing first overall at the ASCE Southeast Symposium in March. Securing their ticket to the national competition in June, they swept all five race events, including Women’s Slalom, Men’s Slalom, Women’s Sprint, Men’s Sprint, and Coed Sprint, in the ASCE Concrete Canoe Competition.

Their attention to detail and innovative design earned them first place in the Final Product category. Dive into the world of water as we paddle alongside Sydney Sutherland and Abigail Fronk, UFCC’s project managers, to talk about the team’s skillful collaboration and dedication to floating above the competition. Read the full article here.

Steel Bridge

The University of Florida’s Eckhoff Steel Bridge team made history this year achieving its fourth consecutive win at the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Southeast Student Symposium.

The team placed first in key categories like Structural Efficiency and Construction Economy. Read about the construction of the blueprint to the team’s success by hearing from Eckhoff Steel Bridge’s project managers, Anthony Perez Ortegon and Donald Stowell-Moore.  Read the full article here.