Graduate Deadlines & Procedures

The Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure and Environment (ESSIE) is comprised of two departments - the Department of Civil, Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering and Environmental Engineering Sciences. The application procedures are as follows:

  1. Select the department to which you want to apply (you can select more than one)
  2. Select the degree – either PhD or Masters.  If masters, please note that we admit applicants as coursework only (non-thesis) unless otherwise indicated in your admissions letter.
  3. Select the specialization within the department of your choice (The specializations areas are those designated within the Research link on the ESSIE website.)

Submit all required documents as outlined below and please note that the entire application process is completed through electronic submission of materials only. Please do NOT mail or fax a copy of your credentials - you will be providing these to us by uploading them to your online application. Also, do not send additional materials (e.g. publications, photographs, videos, CDs, or portfolios) to the Department as they are not seen as additional support for your application and will simply be discarded. The department will not process an application until all electronic documents are submitted through the application system. Also, we do not encourage applicants to reapply unless your test scores or transcripts have significantly changed from your previous application -  an application that is no different from the previous one will automatically be denied. We recommend you focus your future application submissions to other departments for a chance at admission as our decision is likely to remain the same.

Submission Deadlines

Applications must be complete by the following deadlines. This means all application materials (including test scores, transcripts, and letters of recommendation) must be received by these dates.

For funding consideration:Our department funding is awarded by each individual faculty member. Students are selected by the faculty member based on their educational background, skills and experiences and needs of the specific project. Faculty will only discuss funding with those who apply and are admitted to our program. The number of assistantships vary year to year based on project availability and typically only students seeking a PhD are funded, although a few Master’s students may also be awarded. International students are eligible for funding.

  Fall term entry Spring term entry
All applicants (U.S. and International) December 5 September 1

For admission without funding:

  Fall term entry Spring term entry
International applicants May 1 September 1
U.S. resident applicants July 1 November 15

Application Instructions and Checklist

  1. Complete the online graduate application (found at and be certain to provide us with a specialization (research area) and a contact person (faculty member you are interested in working with). A specialization is required to have your application reviewed by faculty; faculty acceptance is required for admission.
  2. The Application Information section of the application request several items:
    • College: EG
    • Program: Civil Engineering; Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering; or Environmental Engineering Sciences
    • Specialization: You can view our specialization areas at We cannot process your application without an indicated specialization.
    • Statement of Purpose: You will need to upload this into your on-line application. This statement should provide us with a clear justification telling us: 1) Why are you interested in pursuing a degree in the Department? 2) What do you have to offer as far as skills and motivation? 3) Which faculty member would you like to work with? 4) What is your particular area of interest within the field and why? 5) Do you need funding? Or have you secured your own funding for your entire program of study through personal funds or an outside agency? What is the name of the outside agency? 6)(EES Applicants only) Are you pursuing a coursework only or thesis/dissertation track?
    • Letters of Recommendation: Three must be submitted electronically through this system and the instructions are within the application. Again, we no longer accept paper copies as this slows the review process of your application.
    • Upper-Division GPA: Applicants must provide their upper-division GPA calculation. Include all courses after you earn 60 credit hours toward your bachelor's degree. We recommend international applicants use the Foreign Credits, Inc. GPA Calculator.
  3. Transcripts: In the Education Information section, please list every institution you have attended. You will be required to submit official transcripts from each institution that you indicate on your application to the UF Office of Admissions, 201 Criser Hall, P.O. Box 114000, Gainesville, FL 32611. For some US applicants, transcripts may be forwarded electronically by an institution if there is an agreement with the University of Florida.
    International Applicants: If you are an international student, you must submit transcripts in the original language with a certified English translation and a copy of the degree/diploma in the original language with a certified English translation.
  4. Test Scores: While you are asked to submit all of your test scores within your application, ESSIE requires official scores to be sent directly to the UF Office of Admissions (ETS Institution code: 5812), 201 Criser Hall, P.O. Box 114000, Gainesville,FL 32611. 3. Test Scores: (GRE/TOEFL Test School Code for UF is 5812 the department code is not needed) submitted directly to: UF Office of Admissions, 201 Criser Hall, P.O. Box 114000, Gainesville, FL 32611.
    **Your application is not complete until your Official Transcripts and Official Test Scores have been received and posted to your application. These documents can be hard to match up when they arrive at different times. Please work directly with the UF Office of Admissions to make sure these Official documents have been received:

    UF Office of Admissions
    201 Criser Hall
    P.O. Box 114000
    Gainesville, FL 32611
    (352) 392-1365

    All Applicants:
    For CCE, GRE scores are required with the exception of one particular situation while EES has two exceptions. CCE & EES 1) If the applicant holds a Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) certificate or is licensed as a Professional Engineer (PE) and he/she is applying to a non-thesis master’s degree program, the applicant can send the verifiable link that he/she received from NCEES directly to the department records office.  The department personnel will obtain a pdf copy of the “Pass” notification and submit it to the UF Office of Admissions on the student’s behalf.  NOTE: It is important for the application to have already been submitted to the UF Office of Admissions PRIOR to the submission of the pdf from the department. Please be certain that you finalize your application before sending the link to the department.   EES only 2) the Department of Environmental Engineering Sciences applicants are also exempt from the GRE requirement if he/she holds a previous master's degree from a regionally accredited US institution.
    Applicants must meet minimum UF/College of Engineering GRE requirements. In addition, applicants to EES are required to meet a higher threshold: a minimum combined score of 297 (1000 using old score scale) on the verbal and quantitative sections (minimum score of 153 verbal and 144 quantitative is preferred).

    International Applicants Only
    TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), IELTS (International English Language Testing System), MELAB (Michigan English Language Assessment Battery) or successful completion of the University of Florida’s English Language Institute program are required of all International students, unless the student’s native language is English or the student has spent at least 1 academic year in a degree-seeking program at a recognized/regionally accredited college or university in a country where English is the official language, if their attendance was in the year immediately prior to UF admission.
    The required scores are: TOEFL – paper=550, computer=213, (IBT) web=80, IELTS – 6, MELAB – 77
  5. Additional Requirements Information:
    • All applicants
      • Undergraduate upper-division GPA of 3.0/4.0.
      • At least one year (two semesters or three quarters) of calculus.
      • One semester of physics and one semester of biology; or at least one year (two semesters or three quarters) of physics; or at least one year (two semesters or three quarters) of biology.
      • Expected to be competent with using computers to solve problems (e.g. use of spreadsheets) and present results (e.g. use of word processing and presentation software).
    • Additional requirements for CCE applicants
      • At least one semester of chemistry.
    • Additional requirements for EES applicants
      • At least two semesters (or three quarters) of chemistry.
  6. Resume (optional) Applicants may submit a resume as a supporting document. It should be sent via e-mail to or it can be uploaded into the admission application if space permits.

NOTE: The Graduate Program Office maintains an applicant's file for only one year. For applicants who re-apply, an entire application package must be submitted with original documentation.