For information about the WRRC, please contact:

WRRC Co-Directors


Affiliated Personnel


Professors Emeritus

U.F. Collaborators

  • Frazer, Tom, Professor and Associate Director, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
  • Graham, Wendy, Director, UF Water Institute
  • Kiker, Gregory, Associate Professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
  • Munoz-Carpena, Rafael, Professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

External Collaborators

  • Ansar, Matahal, Division Director, Operations and Hydro Data Management, SFWMD
  • Arthur, Jonathan D., Hydrogeology Section Administrator, FDEP/Florida Geological Survey
  • Barcelo, Mark D., Manager, Hydrologic Evaluation Section, SWFWMD
  • Gonzalez-Castro, Juan A., Operations and Hydro Data Management, SFWMD
  • Marcous, William, Manager, Utility Support Services, Sanford, Florida
  • Munch, Douglas A., Director, Division of Groundwater Programs, SJRWMD
  • Naja, Melodie G., Water Quality Scientist, Everglades Foundation
  • Obeysekera, Jayantah, Department Director, Hydrological and Environmental Systems Modeling, SFWMD
  • Pathak, Chandra S., Principal Engineer, SCADA and Hydro Data Management, SFWMD
  • Wu, Qinglong, Project Manager, SCADA and Hydro Data Management, SFWMD