Mark Newman

Mark A. Newman, Ph.D., P.E.

Co-Director, Florida Water Resources Research Center


Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure and Environment

Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering

Office: 580A Weil Hall

Phone: 352-294-7813


Research Interests

Mark earned his Ph.D. at the University of Florida in Civil and Coastal Engineering specializing in water resources. His graduate work focused on physical and numerical modeling of subsurface contaminant fate and transport. His recent research efforts include developing new tools for contaminant source characterization, methods for estimating probable extreme water table elevations for tidally influenced and inland conditions, and groundwater modeling for the purpose of establishing source water assessment protection areas. His teaching experience includes courses in water resources engineering, urban stormwater design, hydraulics, and groundwater.


Current Projects

- Development of a sensor for in situ measurement of uranium flux

- Development of fractured rock passive flux meter

- Florida Water Resources Research Center base program


Ph.D., Civil and Coastal Engineering, University of Florida (Gainesville) 2001

B.S., Civil and Coastal Engineering, University of Florida (Gainesville) 1993

A.A.S., Architectural Engineering, Wentworth (Boston, MA) 1988

Professional Registration/Certification

Professional Engineer, Florida (License# 65663)

Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER 40-hour certified)


US Patent (US 20150268081 A1), Sediment Bed Passive Flux Meter, 2015. This patent describes the first device and method for measuring water and contaminant fluxes across sediment beds in streams, rivers, lakes, and estuaries.

Selected Publications

Leif Layton, Harald Klammler, Kirk Hatfield, Jaehyun Cho, Mark A. Newman, Michael D. Annable, Development of a passive sensor for measuring vertical cumulative water and solute mass fluxes in lake sediments and streambeds, Advances in Water Resources, Volume 105, 2017, Pages 1-12. (View Article as PDF).

Klammler, H., K. Hatfield, M. A. Newman, J. Cho, M. D. Annable, B. L. Parker, J. A. Cherry, and I. Perminova. 2016. A new device for characterizing fracture networks and measuring groundwater and contaminant fluxes in fractured rock aquifers, Water Resour. Res., 52, 5400-5420. doi:10.1002/2015WR018389. (View Article as PDF).

Acar, O., H. Klammler, K. Hatfield, M.A. Newman, M.D. Annable, J. Cho, B. Parker, J. Cherry, P. Pehme, P. Quinn, and R. Kroeker. 2013. A stochastic model for estimating groundwater and contaminant discharges from fractured rock passive flux meter measurements. Water Resources Research, 49, 1277-1291. doi:10.1002/wrcr.20109. (View Article as PDF).

Klammler H., K. Hatfield, J.A.G. Luz, M.D. Annable, M. Newman, J. Cho, A. Peacock, V. Stucker, J. Ranville, S. Cabaniss, and P. S. Rao. 2012. Contaminant Discharge and Uncertainty Estimates from Passive Flux Meter Measurements. Water Resources Research, 48, 2. (View Article as PDF).

Stucker, V., J. Ranville, M. Newman, A. Peacock, J. Cho, K. Hatfield. 2011. Evaluation and application of anion exchange resins to measure groundwater uranium flux at a former uranium mill site. Water Research, Volume 45, Issue 16. pp. 4866-4876. ISSN 0043-1354. (View Article as PDF)

Klammler H., M.A. Newman, E. Szilagyi, J.C. Padowski, K. Hatfield, J.W. Jawitz, M.D. Annable. 2007. Initial Test Results for a Passive Surface Water Fluxmeter to Measure Cumulative Water and Solute Mass Fluxes. Environmental Science & Technology. 41(7), pp. 2485-2490. (View Article as PDF).

Newman, M.A., K. Hatfield, J.S. Hayworth, P.S. C.Rao, and T.B. Stauffer. 2006. Inverse Characterization of NAPL Source Zones. Environmental Science & Technology. 40(19), pp. 6044-6050. (View Article as PDF).

Newman, M.A., K. Hatfield, J.S. Hayworth, P.S.C. Rao, T.B. Stauffer. 2005. A hybrid method for inverse characterization of subsurface contaminant flux. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology. 81(1-4), pp. 34-62. (View Article as PDF).

Courses Taught

CWR 4202 Hydraulics                                        CWR 4102 Groundwater
CWR 4306 Urban Stormwater Systems Design     CWR 5125 Groundwater Flow I
CWR 4542 Water Resources Engineering             CWR 6525 Groundwater Flow II
CWR 5127 Evaluation of Groundwater Quality      CGN 6905 Intro. to Programming
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