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Undergraduate Deadlines & Procedures

Prospective Freshmen

First Year Students
Freshman applications are administered through the UF Office of Admissions.

Transfer Students

The College of Engineering admits qualified transfer students who have completed an Associate in Arts degree at a Florida public community or state college. Students seeking admission from other universities or out-of-state schools may be considered for admission on a space available basis. Transfer students are admitted in fall, spring, and summer C terms. Transfer students who are admitted to UF as non-engineering majors generally cannot change their major to engineering.

Admission to this program is based on courses completed and quality of academic record. Applicants should have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0, and a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 in the critical tracking courses (chemistry, calculus, differential equations, and physics), in accordance with College of Engineering admission guidelines.

Transfers from the Florida State College System

Admission is based on achievement of an AA degree and a minimum GPA of 2.5 in the 8 critical tracking courses (chemistry, calculus, differential equations, and physics). Contact the department for the specific course listing.

Transfers From Four-Year Institutions

The requirements listed under the previous section also apply to transfer students from four year institutions although an AA degree is not required. Students are advised to seek a transfer as soon as the critical tracking courses are completed. There is a limit to the number of upper division courses that may be applied to the UF degree. Each student should determine, in consultation with his/her advisor, the number of transfer credits to be accepted by the UF Registrar and the department.

Current UF Students

UF students who are currently in other majors and want to transfer into ESSIE are encouraged to meet with your prospective undergraduate coordinator. Students who have completed fewer than 60 hours have the option of becoming Exploratory Engineering students and they should see a college advisor in 204 Weil Hall.

Application Deadlines