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Systems Ecology & Ecological Engineering

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The Systems Ecology and Ecological Engineering program provides students who are committed to solving environmental challenges that currently face human societies with an integrative education in science, engineering and policy.

Students enrolled in this program are challenged to develop interdisciplinary solutions, design novel engineering tools, and articulate critical policy and management recommendations to address a range of applied environmental problems. To prepare students for careers in ecology, engineering, and environmental policy, our program offers courses and opportunities for research in the following areas:

  • Ecological Engineering
  • Emergy Analysis and Environmental Economics
  • Wetlands and Watershed Ecology
  • Community and Conservation Ecology
  • Ecological Modeling
  • Environmental Policy

Our interdisciplinary graduate curriculum provides both holistic and highly-specialized courses and includes options for certificates in Wetland Sciences and Environmental Policy.


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details March 30, 2017: Watershed Ecology Lab featured on National Geographic
details October 31, 2014: Faculty Awarded 2015 Water Institute Graduate Fellows (WIGF) Program
details Dr. Mark Brown conducted international course at Beijing Normal University
details Dr. Mark Brown named Distinguished Visiting Professor, School of the Environment, Beijing Normal University, June, 2014
details Dr. Mark Brown to present lecture at the International Symposium on Transitions to Post-Carbon Societies


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