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About Sustainable Materials & Construction Engineering

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  • Education for Leadership Roles Education for Leadership Roles
    • More Effective Project Delivery Systems
    • Advanced Project Management and Control Systems
    • Advanced Safety Management Methods
    • Sustainable Infrastructure Renewal Research Focus Areas
    • Advanced Project Planning and Delivery
    • Intelligent Infrastructure Asset Management Systems
    • Advanced Project Safety Management
    • New Construction Methods, Material and Equipment
    • Intelligent Real Time Construction Information Management Systems


  • Research Outcomes Research Outcomes
    • Improved Project Planning
    • More Efficient and Cost Effective Project Delivery
    • Improved Infrastructure Management Decisions
    • Safer more cost effective work technologies and processes


  • Research Benefits Research Benefits
    • Improved Project Outcomes
    • Infrastructure Assets Conservation and Optimization
    • More Cost Effective Investment in Capital Projects
    • Safety of the Work Force and the Public Facilities
    • State of the Art Project Controls Laboratory
    • Multiple Digital Recording Equipment Systems for Data Collection
    • Multiple Vehicles Available for Project Trips
    • Research Assistants Assigned Individual State of the Art Work Station Research Opportunities
    • Activity funded research program with multiple sponsors
    • Research Assistantships and fellowships
      Competitive stipend and full tuition


  • Employment Opportunities Employment Opportunities
    Graduates are prepared to seek and compete for leadership positions.
    • Academia
    • Industry
    • Government


  • Graduate Study Program Graduate Study Program
    • Masters Degree
      The 30 credit hour Masters Degree option provides students with the opportunity to obtain a graduate degree in one year. Students can enhance their professional competency through intense course work focusing on both management and technical engineering skills. A course elective component offers flexibility and permits students to tailor the Master's degree to their interest.
    • Ph.D. Degree
      Qualified students have an outstanding opportunity to pursue a Doctorial Degree. The UF Construction Engineering group has a strong research program with four full-time faculty members actively engaged in research of national importance. Ph.D. students work closely with their professor and acquire valuable research experience. A minimum of 90 credit hours beyond the bachelor’s degree is required for the Ph.D. degree.
    • Academic Program
      The course of study in construction engineering provides a balance of technical engineering and project management principals. The emphasis is on developing fundamental skills and knowledge of emerging advanced methods. Our faculty uses its close relationship with industry to bring “real world” project lessons to the class room. Teaching facilities include dedicated project management laboratories with state of the art software including: Primavera, Quest and Hard Dollar.


  • Courses Courses
    • Construction Planning and Scheduling
    • Construction Equipment and Procedures
    • Legal Aspects of Civil Engineering (Construction Contract Law)
    • Construction Engineering I (Construction Project Management)
    • Construction Engineering II (Management Above the Project Level)
    • International Construction Management (Construction Operations)
    • Design of Temporary Structures
    • Advanced Engineering Cost Estimating
    • Engineering Project Management
    • Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering
    • Civil Engineering Systems (Information Technology Engineering)
    • Disaster Recovery and Response Engineering


  • Elective Courses Elective Courses
    Students may choose to strengthen their technical engineering skills with additional courses from other areas of Civil Engineering. Additionally, students may select elective courses from other non-engineering departments to obtain knowledge in their areas of interest.