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News in 2014
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details Stephanie Ishii Awarded Leadership Scholarship
details CCE student Brandon Hunter won 1st place in Technical Research Exhibition Competition
details EES Student Chih-Hsiang Chien Winner of Student Poster Competition
details Stefy Alvarado Received an Honorable Mention at the Graduate Student Research Day Poster Competition
details October 31, 2014: Faculty Awarded 2015 Water Institute Graduate Fellows (WIGF) Program
details UFITE Wins 2nd Place at International Traffic Bowl Grand Championship 2014
details EES Publication Wins 2013 Journal of the American Water Works Association Best Paper Award
details Dr. Mark Brown conducted international course at Beijing Normal University
details Dr. Kaplan's Watershed Ecology Lab worked to develop the first municipally adopted science plan in the US
details EES Assistant Professor David Kaplan published in Water Resources Research
details Dr. Treavor Boyer promoted to Associate Professor
details Justin Roessler awarded an Environmental Research and Education Foundation (EREF) Scholarship
details Dr. David Kaplan invited to Harvard to discuss his research on increasing regional water availability
details Kelly Landry and Cruz Ortiz awarded the 2014 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
details Recent graduate Jordan Nelson wins the 2013 NDT James Instruments Award
details UF ASCE Chapter places 1st in 2014 Southeast Regional Conference Competition
details Nicole Rivera and Alexis Johnson selected for 2014-15 University Scholars
details Dr. David Prevatt profiled for NIHERST award for Excellence in Science and Technology
details University of Florida Transportation Institute hosts "Family Engineering Night"
details STRIDE Center Selects 2013 Projects
details ESSIE Winter 2013 Newsletter now available online
details Dr. Treavor Boyer named College of Engineering nominee for the Excellence Award for Assistant Professors
details Dr. Prevatt featured on WeatherBrains
details Professor emeritus Ron Cook awarded ASCE Fellow
details Adjunct lecturer Bill Wallace named Top 25 Newsmaker by Engineering News-Record
details Nancy McIlrath awarded College of Engineering Professional Adviser of the Year Award
details Dr. Reynaldo Roque receives College of Engineering Doctoral Dissertation Advisor/Mentoring Award
details UF Student COPRI Chapter visits Tampa Port Authority
details Dr. Thomas Sputo elected to Fellow of ASCE
details Annual ESSIE Career Planning and Resume Workshop


Events in 2014
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details December 09, 2014: Graduate Student Etiquette Dinner (CRC Workshop)
details December 03, 2014: Applying for Academic Jobs for Graduate Students: Interview Day Etiquette and Dress for Success
details December 02, 2014: Wetlands Club: End of Semester Potluck
details November 17, 2014 - November 21, 2014: International Education Week. "Learning Without Borders: Internationalizing the Gator Nation."
details November 18, 2014: The Academic Interview: Strategies for Success
details November 13, 2014: 4th Annual WTS Transportation Symposium
details November 06, 2014: Developing a Teaching / Research Statement (CRC Workshop)
details November 04, 2014: Wetlands Club Meeting: Seminar by Chris Keller, Wetlands Solutions, Inc
details October 25, 2014: Wetlands Club: Tumblin Creek Clean up
details October 23, 2014: The Academic Curriculum Vitae (CV) & Cover Letter
details October 23, 2014: ESSIE to Co-Host Upcoming Symposium: Engineered Landscapes
details October 21, 2014: Voices from Academia: Career Panel & Networking
details October 15, 2014: Applying for a PhD (CRC Workshop)
details October 14, 2014: Lecture: Crisis and Opportunity in the Environmental Century: A Manifesto for Higher Education
details October 13, 2014: Transportation Seminar: Non-recurrent events in traffic prediction by Dr. Francisco Pereira
details October 07, 2014: Wetlands Club Meeting: Seminar by Roney Gutierrez, NRCS
details October 04, 2014 - October 05, 2014: Wetlands Club: Road trip to Whitney Lab, Marineland, FL
details October 01, 2014: ESSIE Carrer Planning and Resume Workshop
details September 23, 2014: International Students Interviewing for Success (CRC Workshop)
details September 16, 2014: Career Fair Boot Camp for International Students
details September 16, 2014: Wetlands Club: CALS Wetlands Club Kick off Event
details September 11, 2014: International Students and the Job Search (CRC Workshop)
details September 08, 2014: Navigating the Swamp: A guide to Exploring options as a UF Postdoc
details September 03, 2014: Navigating the Swamp: A Guide to Gator Career Link and the Job Search Process
details September 02, 2014: Wetlands Club Meeting: Seminar by Dr. Christine Angelini
details August 18, 2014: Graduate School Orientation
details July 14, 2014 - July 18, 2014: Modern Protective Structures Short Course
details April 23, 2014: Spring Greening
details April 17, 2014: Structures Graduate Student Seminar: Validation of Bridge Design Specifications for Barge Impact Loading
details April 16, 2014: COPRI Student Seminar Series: Samuel Valentim
details April 15, 2014: Seminar : Matthew Johnston, Director of Emerging Markets and Technology for Design Interactive, Inc.
details April 14, 2014: "Taming turbulence in plasmas: how to trap a sun in a bottle" presented by Dr. Anne White of MIT
details April 11, 2014: 2014 Campus Earth Day Celebration
details April 11, 2014: EES Graduate Research Seminar: "Insights into the Mechanisms of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube..." presented by Justin Clar
details April 10, 2014: Structures Graduate Student Seminar: Multi-Objective Structural Optimization
details April 09, 2014: COPRI Student Seminar Series: Armando Laurel
details April 04, 2014: EES Graduate Research Seminar: "Aerosol Acidity and Organosulfate Formation in Aerosol" by Jiaying Li
details April 03, 2014: Structures Graduate Student Seminar: Mock-up Tests on Replaceable Unbonded Tendons for Post-Tensioned Bridges
details April 02, 2014: COPRI Student Seminar Series: Chris Discenza
details March 28, 2014: EES Grad Research Seminar: "Using Energy Analysis to Evaluate Small-Scale Human-Dominated Systems" by Heather Rothrock
details March 26, 2014: COPRI Student Seminar Series: Cici Feng
details March 21, 2014: EES Graduate Research Seminar: "Hydrological Analysis of Low Impact Development Design Retrofit" by Tracy Fanara
details March 20, 2014: Structures Graduate Student Seminar: Strengthening the Tornado Resilience of Low-Rise Residential Struct. Wall Junctions
details March 19, 2014: COPRI Student Seminar Series: Miao Tian
details March 14, 2014: EES Seminar: Challenges for Developing Emission Control Technology in the Energy Sector" by Dr. Michael D. Durham
details March 13, 2014: Structures Graduate Student Seminar: Full-scale and Modeled Hurricane Wind Loads on Residential Structures
details March 12, 2014: COPRI Student Seminar Series: Tracy Staples
details February 27, 2014: Structures Graduate Student Seminar: Structural Health Monitoring of Unbonded Post-Tensioning Tendons
details February 26, 2014: COPRI Student Seminar Series: Sabrina Parra
details February 21, 2014: EES Graduate Research Seminar: "Water Quality Trends Along the Gulf Coast of Florida: Cause for Concern?" by Dr. Frazer
details February 19, 2014: COPRI Student Seminar Series: Fernanda Nascimento
details February 14, 2014: EES Graduate Research Seminar: "Regression Analysis and Model Selection Methods to Identify PAC Characteristics that..."
details February 12, 2014: COPRI Student Seminar Series: Jackie Branyon
details February 05, 2014: COPRI Student Seminar Series: Uriah Gravois
details January 31, 2014: EES Graduate Research Seminar: "Insights into Iron Reductive Dissolution in Vadose Zone Soils and Implications for ..."
details January 31, 2014: Deadline to apply to graduate for Spring 2014
details January 29, 2014: Q&A Session with the Florida Board of Professional Engineers
details January 29, 2014: COPRI Student Seminar Series: Lauren Ross
details January 22, 2014: ESSIE Annual Career Planning and Resume Workshop
details January 22, 2014: COPRI Student Seminar Series: Andrew Lapetina
details January 03, 2014: Spring 2014 New Graduate Student Orientation