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News in 2013
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details PhD students Hugo Sindelar and Stephanie Ishii take home awards at the annual Fall Conference of the FSAWWA
details EES PhD student Cruz Ortiz Jr. wins SACNAS award for oral presentation
details Transportation PhD student Seckin Ozkul takes second place in tthe Florida Section ITE Student Poster Competition
details Transportation PhD student Miguel Lugo Florida selected for Florida Section ITE Scholarship Award
details Doctoral student Clark Letter wins ITE Student Poster Competition
details Doctoral student Justin Clar wins first place in two research poster competitions
details Federal Alliance for Safe Homes Announces UF 'MitiGators' as Winners of RenaissanceRe $20,000 Challenge
details Dr. Timothy Townsend to give presentations in Korea
details CCE graduate student Don Watson recieves Eisenhower Graduate Fellowship
details EES PhD student Justin Roessler awarded ASME Materials and Energy Recovery Division graduate scholarship
details Dr. Theodor Krauthammer named the Theodore R. Crom Professor of Civil Engineering
details Dr. Chang-Yu Wu appointed Head of the Department of Environmental Engineering Sciences
details Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering PhD student Jackie Branyon wins 3rd place at the COPRI/PIANC PORTS'13 conference
details Doctoral student Kelly Landry wins 2013 AEESP Conference Outstanding Student Poster Award
details ESSIE professor and alumnus authors on Top 25 Most Cited article published in the journal of Applied Catalysis B
details EES Alumnus Dr. Ying Li recieves the NSF CAREER Award
details UF Student Group Wins 2013 ITE Collegiate Traffic Bowl
details Dr. David Kaplan published in JAWRA for study on how natural forests and pine plantations use water
details Dr. Chang-Yu Wu on core team to develop model program to support students with learning disabilities
details Dr. Pathapati and Dr. Sansalone receive 2013 Rudolf Hering Medal
details ESSIE Engineering students place third nationally in ASCE Concrete Canoe competition
details Air Resources group meets with delegates from Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center
details June 07, 2013: Congratulations to Chance Lauderdale winner of the AWWA Best Paper Award, Water Quality & Technology Division!
details ESSIE researches featured on TV20 news
details Dr. David Prevatt to provide testimony at upcoming U.S. House of Representatives hearing
details Dr. David Mazyck appointed Interim Associate Dean of the Graduate School and Director of the Office of Graduate Minority
details Environmental Engineering student Nima Afshar-Mohajer awarded Sally & William Glick Graduate Research Award
details Tracy Fanara on the Winning Design Team for the USEPA Campus RainWorks Challenge.
details Graduate students Craig Dixon and David Roueche win StormStruck scholarships
details Environmental Engineering student Stephanie Ishii awarded AWWA Larson Aquatic Research Support Scholarship
details Stephanie Ishii wins the AWWA Larson Aquatic Research Support Scholarship for 2013
details Graduate student David Roueche receives NSF award
details Dr. James Heaney to be awarded prestigious Warren A. Hall Medal from UCOWR
details ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering features research of Dr. David Prevatt
details ESSIE proudly announces the arrival of two new Environmental Engineering Sciences faculty members
details Bridge Software Institute Research Highlighted in ADINA News
details UF graduate students participate in IGERT program in southern Africa
details University of Florida has been named an ACI Excellent University for 2012
details SEC-Supported Faculty Travel Grant Awarded to University of Arkansas Professor to Collaborate with Dr. Roque
details UF Researchers Featured in The Journal of Light Construction
details Dr. Chang Yu Wu patents new technology
details Formation of the UF Structural Engineers Association student chapter
details EES student Nima Afshar wins Outstanding Graduate International Student Award
details Arnoldo Valle Levinson selected as member of Mexican Academy of Sciences
details "Self-calibration" for traffic simulation in CORSIM under development at McTrans Center
details Structures Graduate Student Seminar (SGSS) Series cover range of Structures topics


Events in 2013
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details December 13, 2013: EES Graduate Seminar Series: Solid Waste Capstone Course- Honduras
details December 07, 2013 - December 13, 2013: Final Exams
details December 02, 2013: Coastal Seminar: Dr. Arnoldo Valle-Levinson, UF College of Engineering
details November 25, 2013: Coastal Seminar: Dr. Andrea Dutton, UF Geology
details November 25, 2013: Florida Climate Institute Fall Distinguished Scholar Seminar: Dr. David Lobell
details November 22, 2013: EES Graduate Research Seminar: "Managing Water Resources in the Face of Uncertainty- Are We Any Good At It?"
details November 21, 2013: Structures Graduate Student Seminar: Determination of Brace Forces Caused by Construction Loads and Wind Loads...
details November 18, 2013: Coastal Seminar: Dr. Maitane Olabarrieta, UF College of Engineering
details November 15, 2013: EES Seminar Series: Applied Research for the Water Industry: Current Trends and Drivers
details November 14, 2013: Information & Recruiting Event: Northrop Grumman Corporation
details November 14, 2013: "Getting Through School, Then What?": Life and Work Balance while Succeeding at the Executive Level
details November 12, 2013: WTS Transportation Symposium
details November 07, 2013: Structures Graduate Student Seminar: Segregation of Grout Components in Full-Scale PT Grouting Operations
details November 04, 2013: Coastal Seminar: Dr. Don Slinn, College of Engineering
details October 31, 2013: Structures Graduate Student Seminar: Shear Strength of Anchor Bolts in Stand-off Base Plates
details October 28, 2013: Coastal Seminar: Dr. Allan Reece, former Shell International E&P and College of Engineering alumni
details October 21, 2013: Coastal Seminar: Dr. Peter Sucsy, St. Johns River Water Management District
details October 18, 2013: EES Graduate Research Seminar: "U.S. Energy Policy and the Role of Environmental Regulation" - Max R. Lee, Ph.D., P.E.
details October 17, 2013: Structures Graduate Student Seminar: The Design, Development, and Implementation of a Dynamic Research Laboratory
details October 15, 2013: Southeast Regional Engineering Virtual Graduate School Fair
details October 14, 2013: Coastal Seminar: Dr. Charles Sidman, FL Sea Grant
details October 12, 2013: Exploring Careers in Transportation Engineering: A workshop for High School Students on the University of Florida Campus
details October 11, 2013: EES Graduate Research Seminar: "Sustainability Aspects of a Mass Burn Waste-to-Energy Facility" - Kevin C. Leo, P.E.
details October 07, 2013: Coastal Seminar: Dr. Robert Thieke
details October 04, 2013: Launch Event for the new UF Transportation Institute
details October 04, 2013: EES Graduate Seminar Series: "Springs and Aquifer Sustainability - Challenges and Solutions" by Robert Knight, Ph.D.
details October 03, 2013: Structures Graduate Student Seminar: Effects of Elevated Temperature and Moisture on Epoxy used in FRP Composites
details September 30, 2013: Coastal Seminar: Dr. Nicole Elko, Elko Coastal Consulting, Inc.
details September 27, 2013: EES Seminar Series - The Paynes Prairie Sheetflow Restoration Project
details September 27, 2013: EES Seminar Series: The Paynes Prairie Sheetflow Restoration Project presented by Rick Hutton, P.E., from GRU
details September 20, 2013: EES Graduate Seminar Series: The Use of EndNote/Ref Works Citations Tools presented by Michelle Leonard
details September 19, 2013: Structures Graduate Student Seminar: Direct Shear Behavior of Ultra-High Performance Concrete
details September 16, 2013: Seminar: "Climate Change Impact on Coastal Environments" presented by Dr. Peter Sheng
details September 13, 2013: EES Graduate Seminar Series: Dr. Leslie Thiele
details September 06, 2013: EES Seminar Series - Forecasting a Sustainable Environment through a Rear View Mirror
details September 05, 2013: Fall 2013 Geological Sciences Seminar Series: Dr. Giovanni Coco
details September 04, 2013: Mathcad Basics Workshop
details August 30, 2013: EES Seminar Series - Technology services and tools to help and further your learning and research.
details August 26, 2013: Engineering New Student Welcome
details July 24, 2013: Safety Meeting for Students Using Labs
details July 12, 2013: APA Tour of the Powell Family Structures and Materials Laboratory featuring UF's Hurricane Simulator
details July 04, 2013: Independence Day observed- No classes
details May 13, 2013: ESSIE Seminar-Integrated solar optics fluidic platforms for greywater recycling & self-activated regulation in buildings
details April 21, 2013 - April 26, 2013: 8th International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS) Groundwater Quality Conference
details April 26, 2013: EES Seminar Series - FWEA Competition Team Previews
details April 19, 2013: EES Seminar Series - Combined Ion Exchange followed by Chitin or Chitosan as a Pretreatment to Reverse Osmosis
details April 17, 2013: CFW Seminar Series - Decadal to seasonal beach and nearshore morphodynamics at NASA-Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral
details April 15, 2013: Undergraduate and Graduate Research Symposium
details April 10, 2013: CFW Seminar Series
details April 04, 2013 - April 05, 2013: University Transportation Centers (UTC) Conference for the Southeastern Region
details April 02, 2013 - April 03, 2013: Sustaining Economies and Natural Resources in a Changing World: Key Role of Land Grant Universities
details April 03, 2013: CFW Seminar Series - An integrated approach to the Paynes Prairie Sheetflow Restoration Project
details April 03, 2013: Symposium on "Transportation Safety: From Research to Practice"
details March 23, 2013: ASCE's 2nd Annual Faculty Appreciation Picnic
details March 22, 2013: EES Seminar Series - Groundwater Resources in Florida: Impacts of Withdrawals on Lakes, Wetlands and Springs
details March 15, 2013: EES Seminar Series - Drinking Water Treatment Residuals as Sorbent for Mercury: Opportunities and Challenges
details March 15, 2013: Undergraduate and Graduate Research Symposium abstract submission deadline
details March 12, 2013: Crom Lecture: The Philosophy of Engineering for the Burj Khalifa, the World's Tallest Structure
details February 15, 2013: EES Seminar Series - How Engineers Can Help Society Meet the Sustainability Challenge and Opportunity
details February 13, 2013 - February 14, 2013: Coastal Hazards Summit 2013
details February 08, 2013: EES Seminar Series - Plagiarism, Research Misconduct, and Ethics
details February 06, 2013: Spring 2013 Career Showcase (Technical)
details February 05, 2013: Spring 2013 Career Showcase (Non-Technical)
details January 09, 2013 - February 01, 2013: Traces of Brush and Ink: The Calligraphy of Ruth and Peter Sheng