Master of Engineering and Master of Science Graduates

Student, YearThesis Degree
Wendy Mussoline, 1997   ME
Lara Thurn, 1997   ME
Allan Brantley, 1998   ME
Gladis Lemus, 1998   ME
Kevin Leo, 1998   ME
David Phillips, 1998   ME
Brian Messick, 1999   ME
William Weber, 1999   ME
Vicky Gou, 2000   ME
Sue Lee, 1999   ME
Kenton Yang, 2000   ME
Steve Musson, 2000   MS
Kristin Stook, 2001   ME
Kimberly Cochran, 2001   ME
Jinkun Song, 2002   ME
Allison Barnes, 2002   MS
Scott Sheridan, 2003   ME
Cristine Plaza, 2003  Evaluation of Cover Materials for the Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide from Construction and Demolition Landfill Gas ME
Kevin Vann, 2003  Leaching Behavior of Personal Computer Central Processing Units (CPUs) Using Standardized and Modified Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) Tests ME
Sreeram Jonnalagadda, 2004  Resistivity and Time Domain Reflectometry Sensors for Assessing in situ Moisture Content in a Bioreactor Landfill ME
Lakmini Wadanambi, 2004  Issues Surrounding Heavy Metals in Landfills: Lead-Based Paint Leaching and Concentrations in Florida Landfill Leachates ME
Tobin McKnight, 2005  Engineering Properties and Cone Penetration Testing of Municipal Solid Waste to Predict Landfill Settlement ME
Jon Powell, 2005  Trace Gas Quality, Temperature Control and Extent of Influence from Air Addition at a Bioreactor Landfill ME
Eric Spalvins, 2006 Leaching of Lead from Electronics Waste Using Simulated Municipal Solid Waste Landfills MS
Aaron Jordan, 2007 Removal of Trichloroethylene from Contaminated Soil Using Quicklime Application MS
Judd Larson, 2007  Investigations at a Bioreactor Landfill to Aid in the Operation and Design of Horizontal Injection Liquids Addition Systems ME

Sendhil Kumar, 2009

 Study of Pore Water Pressure Impact and Fluid Conductance of a Landfill Horizontal Liquids Injection System ME
Karamjit Singh, 2010  Performance Evaluation of Surface Infiltration Trenches and Anisotropy Determination of Waste for Muncipal Solid Waste Landfills ME
Shabnam Mostary, 2011  Trace Metals Leachability Characterization of Phosphogypsum ME
Yongqiang Yang, 2011 Feasibility of Phosphogypsum as MSW Landfill Structural Material and Shear Strength of MSW with Different Food Waste Content MS
Jose Yaquian, 2012 Evaluation of Whole Waste Tires as Bedding Media for Liquid Injection Lines in Municipal Solid Waste Landfills MS
James Lloyd, 2012 Sorption of Ammonium Derived from Membrane Treated Landfill Leachate to Woody Biomass MS
Saraya Pleasant, 2012  Remediation of Dissolved Iron from Groundwater at a Closed Landfill Using Air Sparging and Calcium Carbonate Based Permeable Reactive Barriers ME
Sandra Gaynor, 2013  Life Cycle Analysis of Four Groundwater Remediation Technologies for Iron Bacteria Smothering in Wetlands Adjacent to an Open Dump Landfill in Northwest Florida ME
Joshua Hayes, 2013  Investigation of Ammonia and Trace Elements Leaching from Cement and Concrete Products Amended with Cement Kiln and Coal Boiler Combustion By-Products ME
Amanda O'Donnell, 2013  Assessing the Role of Landfill Liners and Organic Matter on the Reductive Dissolution of Iron under Anaerobic Conditions ME
Weizhi Cheng, 2014  Application and Assessment of Leaf Leaching Protocols for Assessing Beneficial Use of Solid Wastes ME
James Wally, 2014  Life Cycle Assessment for Landfill Leachate Production and Treatment ME
Christopher Moody, 2015  Leachate Treatment Using Reverse Osmosis and Effects of Mswi Ash Disposal in Landfills on Leachate Quality ME
Roya Darioosh, 2015 A Comparison of Bulk Inorganic Constituent and Trace Pollutant Concentrations among Landfill Classes and over Time in MSW Landfills ME
Michael Hofmeister, 2016 Laboratory Evaluation of Estimation Methods for Constituent Leaching Behavior and Mobility in Solid Waste Beneficial Use Risk Assessments ME