Recent and Current Projects

Hinkley Center Projects

Looking Beyond Florida's 75% Recycling Goal: Development of a Methodology and Tool for Assessing Sustainable Materials Management Recycling Rates in Florida.

Florida Solid Waste Management: State of the State: Conducting an economic and environmental footprint assessment using available strategies and technologies to estimate the current Florida solid waste stream. 

Impacts of Treated Wood in the Florida Diposal Sector: Evaluate the effectiveness of current best management practices in Florida for minimizing contamination from treated wood and analyze innovations in measurements and sorting technologies relevant to wood waste best management practices. 

Use of Solid Waste in Asphalt and Concrete in Florida: Investigating long-term performance and mobility of chemical contaminants from using solid waste in concrete and asphalt. 

Application of New Leaching Protocols for Assessing Beneficial Use of Solid Wastes in Florida:Examining the use of EPA's new leaching procedures for assessing programs for recycled ash, sludge and similar materials.

Assessing Options for On-site Leachate and Groundwater Management Strategies at Florida Landfills: Analyzing on-site leachate management techniques and engineering alternatives to mitigate chemicals from landfill liners. 

Past Projects

Towards Trash Free Waters: Quantifying Potential Aquatic Trash: The University of Florida research team collaborated with local municipalities and non-government organizations to quantify and map the quantity of collected litter within the Hillsborough River Watershed.