ENV 6932 Construction and Demolition Debris Management

This course provides a fundamental overview of the major topics in modern construction and demolition debris management (CDD), including: characteristics, generation, regulation, environmental risk, recycling, disposal, economics, and life cycle assessment.

Course Organization

This course is organized into distinct learning modules as follows:

Module 1. Course Overview and CDD Basics

Module 2. Definitions

Module 3. Components and Composition

Module 4. Generation

Module 5. Management Basics 

Module 6. Regulatory Aspects

Module 7. Markets for Recovered Materials

Module 8. Recycling Facilities

Module 9. Beneficial Use of CDD Materials

Module 10. Polices for Promoting Recycling

Module 11. Landfill Basics

Module 12. Addressing Groundwater and Landfill Gas

Module 13. Disaster Debris

Module 14. Life Cycle Assessment