ESSIE - University of Florida

Greet-A-Gator launched!

We have establised a new connection for alumni of the Environmental Engineering Sciences and Civil and Coastal Engineering Departments! This program, called Greet-A-Gator, is much like the "Welcome Wagon" program of the '60s and '70s but with a technological twist. We have set up a group on our ESSIE Facebook page that you can join to participate. The idea is to help other Gators who may be relocating to your area of the country. We created Greet-A-Gator so that our alum will help each other to relocate and to establish a growing ESSIE Gator network across the nation and the world!

To join, go to your Facebook page and place Greet-A-Gator in the search bar and hit enter. You then will be directed to the Greet-A-Gator page. In the top right-hand corner, you will find a "Join Group" link. Click on this, and after we confirm your alumni status, we will add you to the group. You then will be ready to help fellow Gators and expand your Gator network! Those who join can send messages to other group members in specific areas of the country. Ten gators currently are participating and we know that number will increase.