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Drill Presses

The lab has several drill presses from a Delta 10" 1/4 HP Bench top drill press to a Cincinnati Bickford 5HP 21" drill press. There are also a Delta 16.5" 3/4 HP drill press and a Powermatic 1 HP 15" drill press.  

Metal and Wood Saws

The lab is equipped with several different saws to accommodate many mediums. For metal cutting, there is a Delta 10" 13 amp miter saw that can be fitted with a metal cutting disc, or for larger cuts the 1 HP Enco metal cutting band saw can be used.

There is a small Delta bench top band saw with a 1/3 HP motor to cut small wood, metal or composite pieces. For larger wood pieces, the miter saw is normally outfitted with a wood cutting blade. Then, there is a Hitachi C10FR 10" Table saw with a 3HP motor, a SkilSaw 12 amp 7 1/4" circular saw mounted to a SawTRAX panel saw frame and a DoAll Model 2013-V 2HP band saw.  

Grinders and Sanders

In addition to the Concrete Cylinder Grinder, there are two belt sanders (a Wilton belt sander and a 1 HP Dayton belt sander. There are also two grinders; one is a Delta and the other is a JET.