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UFEDGEUF EDGE is the University of Florida Electronic Delivery of Graduate Engineering. UF EDGE, the distance learning provider at UF's College of Engineering, gives full-time working professionals around the world the opportunity to earn their Master of Science degree from one of the top-rated engineering schools in the nation.

Courses taught by full-time UF faculty are recorded in studio classrooms at the UF Gainesville campus. As a UF EDGE student, you can access these lectures anywhere, anytime - whatever is convenient for your schedule. Lectures are accessible for the entire semester, allowing you a chance to review a complex lesson or prepare for exams.

Since UF EDGE students undergo the exact same admission requirements and curriculum as the on-campus graduate student, our graduate degree will be from the University of Florida - there will be no mention of "distance education" on your diploma.

An overview of the program can be found .

  • EES Online Programs
    • 30-Hour Online Course-Work-Only Masters Degree General

      Program Description
      Prospective students interested in a 30-hour general online masters degree [i.e. a course of study that does not have a specific concentration like the other three concentrations listed on our website], should apply to the Department following the application instructions given elsewhere (see URL below). At that time, the applicant should indicate that he/she is interested in the "general" online masters degree program rather than one that follows a specific concentration.

      The Department's Program Assistant who specializes in graduate admissions will be the point of contact for the admissions process, along with involvement of the Graduate Coordinator. During review of the applicant's credentials, a faculty member who will eventually be the student's online advisor will be consulted to evaluate the applicant's record and to determine his/her suitability for pursuing the "general" online masters program.

      The applicant should provide specific information in the "letter of intent" as to what his/her professional interests are and what type of career goals are intended at this time. The applicant should also indicate the types of courses that might be desired for this "general" degree and the faculty advisor will comment on the choices as part of the admissions process. The applicant can find lists of the online courses offered by the Department and other participating departments at the University of Florida under the descriptions of the three specific online masters degree concentrations listed on this website. In effect, the applicant, with his/her advisor, will pick and choose among the various online courses available that fit with the applicant's academic background, experience, and career goals.

      Applicants should keep in mind that all of the Department's masters degree are listed on the transcript and on the diploma as a major in "Environmental Engineering Sciences." The "concentrations" that we use to identify specific series of courses to be taken are used for advising and course selection purposes but the names of the concentrations do not appear on any official university records such as the transcript or diploma. The only official graduate degree major awarded by the Department is identified as "Environmental Engineering Sciences."

      In consultation with the assigned advisor, a Plan of Study for the general online 30 credit masters degree program will be developed based on the available online courses and this plan will guide the applicant's online studies. Changes can be made during the program should desired courses not be available when needed or should the applicant's career goals become modified. Applicants should also be aware that a majority of the courses that can be selected for the Plan of Study represent streaming videos of the actual classroom delivery of courses and that the online student is, in effect, viewing the classroom activity of an on campus course. While offered asynchronously [time delayed], online students can contact instructors by email or telephone to ask questions, etc. after the videos appear on the course website. Some courses might not follow this format, but a majority of those offered by the Environmental Engineering Sciences Department are delivered in this format.

      For details on enrollment see below, and contact the academic office at 352-392-0842,

  • How to Apply
    1. Complete the Application Process found under the "Graduate" Admissions information.
    2. Apply or get more information through the UF EDGE Office:
    3. Get information on the GRE: