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      detailsThieke, Robert J.,  Ph.D., Christian S. Bauer Jr. Term Assistant Professor | Telephone: (352) 294-7783 | Email:  VIVO Online Profile



      detailsSpratley, Sophie, Academic Advisor | Telephone: (352) 294-7784 | Email:  VIVO Online Profile


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    • Combined Bachelors/Masters Degree Program

      The Department of Civil & Coastal Engineering presently offers two variations of a Masters degree; the Master of Engineering (ME) and the Master of Science (MS). Effective Fall of 1999, the Department of Civil Engineering offers a combined BS/Master program to qualified undergraduate students seeking MS or ME degrees. In this program, qualified undergraduate students will be allowed to shorten the time required for their Master degree program by completing six (6) credits of graduate level courses in their final 2 semesters of their BS program or when they have achieved a 5EG classification. The combined BS/Master program will provide a fast track for qualified undergraduate students to obtain both their BS and Master degrees (e.g., MS or ME degrees), thereby allowing these students an earlier entrance to their professional careers. The program will provide incentive to encourage good undergraduate Civil Engineering students to pursue graduate education at the University of Florida. To qualify for this program, students from Civil Engineering must complete a Combined Bachelors/Master Degree Program application, attain an upper division GPA of 3.30 at the time of graduation with the B.S. degree, and must satisfy the graduate school and departmental graduate admission requirements. The courses (maximum of 6 credits) that would be double-counted in the BS and Master programs must be graded graduate level courses offered by the Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering (or by another acceptable Department). The student must achieve a grade of 'B' or better in order for the courses to be transferred into the graduate degree program.

      Students should complete 6 hours of graduate course work appropriate to their intended graduate area of study (see the pool of most common acceptable courses identified under the various graduate specialties in the table below). These courses will satisfy 6 of the 15 advanced undergraduate elective credits. All special requirements of the electives as outlined in the undergraduate catalog (capstone design, design and laboratory experience) must also be satisfied.

      Combined Bachelors and Masters Degree "4-1 Program" for Civil Engineering Acceptable Course Substitutions for 4-1 Credit

      (Other course substitutions may be possible – check with graduate faculty in area of interest)

      Undergraduate Course    Graduate Course Substitution
      CEG 4111 Foundation Design    CEG 5115 Foundation Design (F)
      CEG 4104 Retaining Wall Design*    CEG 6515 Earth Retaining Walls* (S)
      CGN 4503 Pavement Design*    CGN 6905 Pavement Design* (F,S)
      Elective    CGN 6905 Building Codes* (S)
      Elective    CGN 6155 Construction Engineering 1 (F)
      Elective    CGN 5125 Legal Aspects Civ. Eng. (S)
      Elective    CGN 6156 Construction Engineering 2 (S)
      Elective    CCE 5035 Const. Planning and Sched. (F)
      Elective    CGN 6150 Eng. Project Mgmt. (Summer)+
      Elective    CES 6571 Design of Temp. Struct. (Summer)+
      Elective    ARC 6912 LEEDs
      CEG 4111 Foundation Design    CEG 5115 Foundation Design (F)
      CEG 4104 Retaining Wall Design*    CEG 6515 Earth Retaining Walls* (S)
      CGN 4503 Pavement Design*    CGN 6905 Pavement Design* (F,S)
      Hydrology and Water Resources
      CWR 4114 Surface Hydrology*    CWR 6115 Surface Hydrology* (S)
      CWR 4114 Surface Hydrology*    ENV 6932 Adv. Env. Hydrology 1* (F)
      CWR 4120 Groundwater    CWR 5125 Groundwater Flow 1 (F)
      Elective    CWR 5235 Open Channel Hydraulics (F)
      Elective    EOC 5860 Port and Harbor Engineering (S)
      CES 4704, CES 4608 or Elective    CES 5835 Masonry Design (S)
      CES 4704, CES 4608 or Elective    CES 5715 Prestressed Concrete (S)
      CES 4704, CES 4608 or Elective    CES 5325 Design of Highway Bridges (F)
      CES 4704, CES 4608 or Elective    CES 5801 Timber Design (F)
      Elective    CGN 6905 Building Codes* (S)
      Elective    CES 6571 Design of Temp. Struct. (Summer)+
      TTE 4106 Urban Transp. Planning*    TTE 5006 Adv. Urban Transp. Plan.* (F)
      TTE 4300 Transp. Systems Analysis*    TTE 5305 Adv. Transp. Systems* (F)
      TTE 4201 Traffic Engineering*    TTE 5256 Traffic Engineering* (S)+
      TTE 4203 Highway Capacity Analysis*    TTE 6207 Highway Capacity Analysis* (F)+
      CGN 4503 Pavement Design*    CGN 6905 Pavement Design* (F)
      Elective    CGN 5606 Public Works Management (F)
      Elective    CGN 5605 Public Works Planning (S)

      * These courses are "dual-listed": parallel undergraduate and graduate sections are dual-taught in the same lecture room.

      + These courses also are offered online through the UF EDGE program.

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