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    • Critical Infrastructure Protection Certificate Program

      The Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering proposes a Critical Infrastructure Protection Certificate program for graduate students in which participants can select three courses from the list shown below.

      1. *CES 6588 – Protective Structures
      2. CES 6590 – Impact Engineering
      3. CES 6591 – Applied Protective Structures
      4. CES 6592 – Retrofit for Protective Structures
      5. CES 6593 – Advanced Protective Structures

      The course marked with "*" must be completed as part of the certificate program. Choose and complete two additional courses from the list below.

      The requirements for program participation are:
      • Student must submit the application and a $30 application fee through this link prior to enrolling in the eligible courses:
      • Completion of a BS degree in civil engineering with a specialization in structures
      • Must be a graduate degree seeking student
      • Completion of CES 6108 – Structural Dynamics
      • Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.2 in the graduate program
      • Certificate will be awarded upon the completion of the graduate degree
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