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Civil and Coastal Engineering

detailsAmerican Concrete Institute (Student Chapter) | Email: uflaci@gmail.com#  Online Profile


detailsAmerican Society of Civil Engineers (Student Chapter) | Email: asce@ce.ufl.edu#  Online Profile


detailsChi Epsilon (Student Chapter) | Telephone: (352) 392-9537, ext.1525 | Email: chiep@ce.ufl.edu#  Online Profile


detailsCoasts, Oceans, Ports and Rivers Institute - Gator Student Chapter | Telephone: 352-392-9537, ext.1410#  Online Profile


detailsFlorida Structural Engineers Association Student Chapter | Email: fsea.uf@gmail.com#  Online Profile


detailsInstitute of Transportation Engineers (Student Chapter) | Email: ufl.ite@gmail.com#  Online Profile


detailsWomen's Transportation Seminar (Student Chapter) | Email: wts-uf-l@lists.ufl.edu#  Online Profile


Environmental Engineering Sciences

detailsAir & Waste Management Association (Student Chapter) | Email: rbeardsley@ufl.edu#  Online Profile


detailsAmerican Water Resources Association (Student Chapter) | Email: ufawraboard@gmail.com#  Online Profile


detailsAmerican Water Works Association (Student Chapter) | Email: awwa.uf@gmail.com#  Online Profile


detailsFlorida Water Environment Association (Student Chapter) | Email: fwea.ufl@gmail.com#  Online Profile


detailsSociety of Environmental Engineers | Email: president.ufsee@gmail.com#  Online Profile


detailsWetlands Club | Email: ufwetlandclub@gmail.com#  Online Profile


University of Florida College of Engineering
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