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SCHOOLS    top of page ]

detailsEngineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure & Environment   phone: (352) 392-9537


DEPARTMENTS    top of page ]

detailsDepartment of Civil and Coastal Engineering   phone: (352) 392-9537  ext.: 1400


detailsDepartment of Environmental Engineering Sciences   phone: (352) 392-8450


SPECIALIZATIONS    top of page ]

detailsAir Resources


detailsCoastal and Oceanographic Engineering


detailsConstruction Engineering


detailsEnvironmental Nanotechnology


detailsGeosystems Engineering


detailsMaterials & Pavements Engineering


detailsPublic Works


detailsStructural Engineering


detailsSystems Ecology and Ecological Engineering


detailsTransportation Engineering


detailsWater Systems


CENTERS    top of page ]

detailsCenter for Environmental Policy   phone: (352) 392-2425


detailsCenter for Infrastructure Protection and Physical Security   phone: (352) 273-0690


detailsFlorida Bridge Software Institute


detailsFlorida Transportation Technology Transfer Center   phone: (352) 392-2371


detailsHinkley Center for Solid and Hazardous Waste Management   phone: (352) 392-6264


detailsHoward T. Odum Center for Wetlands   phone: (352) 392-2424


detailsMcTrans Center   phone: (352) 392-0378


detailsTransportation Research Center   phone: (352) 392-9537  ext.: 1452


detailsWater Resources Research Center


FACILITIES    top of page ]

detailsCoastal and Oceanographic Engineering Laboratory   phone: (352) 392-1051


detailsPowell Structures Laboratory


ORGANIZATIONS    top of page ]

detailsAir & Waste Management Association (Student Chapter)


detailsAmerican Concrete Institute (Student Chapter)


detailsAmerican Society of Civil Engineers (Student Chapter)   phone: (352) 392-9537  ext.: 1524


detailsAmerican Water Resources Association (Student Chapter)


detailsAmerican Water Works Association (Student Chapter)


detailsChi Epsilon (Student Chapter)   phone: (352) 392-9537  ext.: 1525


detailsCoasts, Oceans, Ports and Rivers Institute - Gator Student Chapter   phone: 352-392-9537  ext.: 1410


detailsFlorida Structural Engineers Association Student Chapter


detailsFlorida Water Environment Association (Student Chapter)


detailsInstitute of Transportation Engineers (Student Chapter)


detailsSociety of Environmental Engineers


detailsWetlands Club


detailsWomen's Transportation Seminar (Student Chapter)


University of Florida College of Engineering
Kirk Hatfield, Director
Engineering School of Sustainable
Infrastructure & Environment
365 Weil Hall
1949 Stadium Road
P.O. Box 116580 | Gainesville, FL 32611
Telephone: (352) 392-9537, ext. 1400
Fax: (352) 392-3394
University of Florida



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