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      detailsThieke, Robert J.,  Ph.D., Assistant Professor | Telephone: (352) 392-9537, ext.1420 | Email:  VIVO Online Profile



      detailsHinkle, Nell, Program Assistant | Telephone: (352) 392-9537, ext.1421 | Email:  VIVO Online Profile


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      Integrated Student Information System Website

      Registration Holds
      Every term (including Summer), there are at least 3 holds placed on your record:

      1. Advising Hold. Fill out a Course Approval Form and get it signed by your advisor. Submit to it the Academic Office.
      2. RegistrationPreparation Hold. Terms and agreements. Students remove themselves in ISIS.
      3. Emergency Contact Information Hold. Students are required to update emergency contact information every 3 months. Students remove themselves in ISIS.

      OTHER HOLDS. Additional holds can be placed on your registration and they can be for a variety of reasons. Students who have Admissions Office credential holds should be diligent about submitting the requested information in order to prevent future registrations delays.